A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mono Monday 340 :: MM340 :: Restricted

Today I have gone with restricting from where I could take my image and then how much I could edit it.

This was taken whilst sitting in my garden shelter.

No cropping, etc and apart from my normal pin-line border and username, I have only used one preset button in On1 which converted it to B&W. The preset was labeled 'Ilford Delta 400', maybe some of you have used that film in the past.

In extras, I have added an unmolested colour version. I like to mix my plants and here I have planted a small orange crocosmia with a Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus', aka Zebra Grass. A tad David and Goliath where the splash of colour wins the day.

I'd like to thank 60plus for covering my hosting this month. Next month will be hosted by chantler63. I do need hosts to cover Mono Mondays beyond August. There is no right or wrong way of hosting so why not give it a go..?

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