By Majoayee

Restricted view!

This was sent to us this morning by our son who was doing a run!  I thought it was perfect for this week’s Mono Monday-restricted/restricting!  With many thanks to 60+who has been hosting in July.  
First thing we were at Tesco collecting our ‘click and collect’. First time we have been allowed to do it!  It was on the way home that I was sent the above.  Sooc!   It has allowed me not to think too much about my blip as I spent the rest of the morning in the kitchen!  Nine potions of soup, rhubarb and apple mixture, and flaked almond meringues!  This afternoon we are both working on the papers to be thrown!  Still a lot more.   
10 minutes ago the rain was a torrent and the road looked more like a river.  Now the sun is out!  But for how long?  We haven’t yet had a walk! 

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