Sunday 26th July 2020                (backblip)

The weather seemed uncertain as to what is was going to do ....... one forecast said showers ..... the other we saw said dry until evening!

The sky was a mixture of blue, white & dark clouds ...... do we risk a walk or not was the question?

We decided yes ...... with macs at the ready (just in case) we set off ...... up the road as usual ..... we don't feel ready to risk other places as they could be crowded ..... better safe than sorry!

It turned out the right choice ..... although it did cloud over several times .... it stayed dry!

We saw lots of butterflies .... they must have watched the 'dry' forecast too!

Saw our first Speckled Wood for this year .... so it had to be my 'Blip Star of the Day'! :-)

We also spotted some interesting moss on the top of one of the fence posts ....... 1st Extra ...... & I managed to get a photo of a young Goldfinch .... 2nd Extra :-)

No sight or sound of the Whitethroat, Yellowhammer or Chiffchaff though ..... most of the birds were in short supply :-(

A lovely walk though .... glad we decided to go :-)

Stay safe everyone :-)

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