By GracieG

A Special Day

It was our wedding anniversary today.  M is still shielding but once the restrictions are lifted we are booked in for a meal at Morston Hall to celebrate.  I'm so looking forward to putting on a posh frock after months in denim!
However, we wanted to mark our actual anniversary day, so we went to the Cley Smokehouse and Picnic Fayre deli to pick up some smoked fish and seafood and we had a champagne picnic in our summerhouse.  We've eaten in there before but with trays on our knees.  We have just purchased a drop-leaf table which is the perfect size and so we ate in style this time with a white table cloth, our best glassware and cutlery, some romantic lighting and quiet classical music.  It was raining outside but we rather liked the sound of the wind and the rain while we were all cosy inside.  We rounded off the treat with strawberries with a raspberry coulis, homemade shortbread and clotted cream.
We were entertained (several times) by the pair of wood pigeons mating on the fence right in front of us...we had a grandstand view!

The photo?  That was taken looking over towards the sea between Salthouse and Kelling during our drive back from the deli.

I'm always surprised when the harvest begins, it always seems earlier than I expect.

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