By Nanzy19

Pedestrians restricted

MonoMonday theme: Restricted.  Thanks to 60plus for hosting MM.
This dock is one of my favourite ones to walk down but it's been months since it's been open to pedestrians. I think there are still some people living on boats moored at the dock.
I added an extra of signs posted at the park. As far as I know, the playgrounds are now open again but the sign hasn't been removed. The sign about no overnight parking or camping appeared last Friday. Even though there was a very clear sign posted to a tree, maybe too high for people to notice (good excuse!), there have been lots of RVs and camper vans parked here overnight and even some tents set up on the grass. I haven't seen any since the new sign was posted. I guess the threat of a fine has deterred people. One of our neighbours did complain to the Parks, and the complaint must have been forwarded to the CRD as our neighbour was told it would be. 
Far too hot for me today. We needed to make a quick trip to town and I was glad to get back home to the shade. 

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