The smocked dress for Sophia is almost finished - only the hem required to be stitched on the machine.  I have a feeling it will be too big for her but that's a good thing.
I'm very happy with the colours I ultimately used to smock as they are stronger and enhance the colours in the Liberty fabric.  The coloured threads I used initially were pale and insipid.  There are so many mistakes - doesn't help when you pick it up every month to work on it.  It's not being marked, only by you, and no-one will notice them.  Yay!!!  :))
I shall attempt to post a shot of Sophia, sometime, wearing the dress.
I thought those tiny stitches were suitable for Debbi's Tiny Tuesday challenge.
We thank Debbi for hosting the challenge this month.

Thank you for all your comments and gifts for the rubber bands yesterday.

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