By jac1954

Butterfly pea flower tea.

I had bought this tea to celebrate my birthday and when my birthday came I had forgotten about it completely. So today I decided to give it a go.
And as you can see it’s a beautiful blue good for near enough everything says you can grow old gracefully whatever that means. Anyways it’s caffeine free. And doesn’t effect my throat purifies the skin and hair so all good tastes a bit like green tea.
So thought I would look it up again you can add lemon juice and it turns violet. or have with honey it does give you a blue tongue but it’s all natural.
Today I have been washing down my new AVERY that of course my daughters found for me My Samantha and husband went and dismantled it then brought it to me I am going to clean it and they are going to build it for me as well.
I knew having four children was a good idea. Lol
I have been back blipping again :-( I keep falling asleep silly Thyroiditis.

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