Out bright and early

Whilst everyone was still in bed I headed out for what turned out to be a 10 mile hike. My walking/running group has a Crawlers Walk of Fame for those that make it up to a high point near us so I headed up to meet the challenge.  I should just have retraced my steps back but thought I’d explore a new route and let’s just say that my sense of direction was as bad as ever.  I ended up doing and extra massive loop as I missed a key turn somewhere.  Never mind all those extra steps will help with my various walking challenges.  I am on 1248 miles for the year so still on track for 2020 miles by year end.

It was the end of the footie season (poor old Bournemouth!) so we checked in on our predictions at the start of the season. Leo came out tops as he had four teams/places correct. I managed two and Ian just one (extra). Won’t be long before we get to make new predictions as the new season will be up and running before long.

We are not sure when we’ll be back at SJP for a match. We bought season tickets to help support the club but I am not sure what the plans are for getting everyone back safely.  They are holding on to all the cardboard cutouts for a while in case they need to use them in the stadium until we can all get back there.

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