... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Garden: Ida Flapping After Washing

Crisper and cleaner in large.
Flügel macro portrait
Koi following Tank

Well, that didn't work... Here they are again. 
I went out and took macro photos of a slug in the morning (before taking the macro to the ducks), but the slug hardly seemed like competition for the blip spot.

Today was amusing: we let the ducks out (chaperoned) to explore a wider area of the garden. They had a little (tentative) explore, which was sweet, and the most amusing moment was when we discovered that they'll follow Tank around! We'll let them explore a larger area yet tomorrow to help them get their bearings.
They love chasing flies (for eating) which is handy as our garden is rather rich in blowflies.

Ida is the youngest of the four: the other three were from an earlier brood so are about 13/14 weeks old, whereas Ida is about 9 weeks old and still has lots of downy feathers. She's so so white (esp. after washing), and looks like a cartoon or toy duck. She also makes metering for the four of them together rather challenging!

Today's others are here (slug right from here, and ducks right from here).

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