A Daily Dose

By suejay50

Caught in a beam of light.

Sitting having afternoon tea in a friend's garden and there in my eyeline was this huge allium seed head sitting in a shaft of sunlight nr the back wall, just begging to be photographed.  I gave in.
Have had a very social day today - coffee in another garden this morning, lunch at home and then afternoon tea out !  I know how to live hey?  
And I managed to fit in the ironing and hoovered a little bit (well I only have a little bit of carpet).  I also had a visit from one of the grands (he wanted his water bottle filled as he'd cycled to Exeter and back and then, just because he could, went to Saunton and back - over 110 miles - for fun! ? ) which was lovely. I'm getting to see the grand daughter on Friday - can't wait... just got to find a suitable cafe with good hot chocolate!!
I watched an inspirational RPS talk last night - Polina Plotnikova - if you have not seen her work do google her. Stunning. . . .

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