By Ridgeback13

Ups and downs

Started the day with a bike/scooter ride around the area....pulled off a load of dead ivy from a tree along the way and it was a bit more of a dramatic effect than I expected.....wood everywhere!
Back and we made a big picnic up then headed out to a country park where we hoped to find a play park etc. Was more of a walk alongside a canal, and we had lots of fun talking about the flowers and narrow boats and throwing stones in the water, but then found some stinking dead stuff (fish?) on the path and some dog poo in the grass so we didn’t dwell too long (plus I’d managed to leave all the adult sandwiches on the kitchen table!). Back at the car park was a little garage and they had this coach up on stilts...very precarious looking!
Took a wander round Leek...lovely old buildings and some nice little shops so we bought some handmade chocolates then headed home. Usual choices of hot tub, reading, TV, drinks and chat til dinner time. Mt had made two huge rice puddings and I definitely ate too much!
Afterwards were reading and lazily watching tv when clearly some upset amongst the ‘young people’ and K had to do some counselling walking for a while before we headed to bed. Amazed the rest of the week has gone so smoothly (at least as far as I can see, but clearly I’m blind to all this, or concentrating too much on the tiny ones, my book and the cooking!)

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