By Honeythedog

Honey and her dodgy leg.

Today Darren took us for a walk near Skelton, north of York. We were supposed to be walking to shipton, just a few miles away. Unfortunately I got attacked by some big insect, don’t know what it was but it startled me, I panicked and jumped around a bit and tried to get the offending creature off me, Darren saw it, he also tried to wipe it off. I don’t know if I was bitten on the leg, but I found it difficult to walk. Darren took my harness off, gave me a good rub down, but I still couldn’t walk properly. In the end Darren had to pick me up, we abandoned the final bit of the walk to shipton, we were literally about 5 minutes away. Darren carried me back the majority of the 2 mile walk back to where we were parked, he did occasionally put me down to see how I was, but could see I was uncomfortable so would pick me up again. We went back to the caravan where I rested for a few hours. I seem to have recovered, just been on another walk and I was fine:-)

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