Cato's Out of the Bag

Today we went to Cornwall to collect Cato. First we stopped for lunch at The Weir a cafe/restaurant where we were able to sit outside in the sunshine. There's a lake below and an angler was setting up for his afternoon. I noticed a duck and her duckling waiting hopefully for some bait. That's in as an extra.

We went to collect Cato from his home. It was very hard taking him away from his family but after a while we set off and he travelled well, only crying a little bit. Once we got home, we let him put of the carrier and he went straight into the crate where we've put his igloo, his food bowls and litter tray. We need to do that because that part of the house is open plan and we need to confine him at night. He's been having a fine time exploring and seemed quite happy. After a while he settled down and slept for half an hour or so. When he woke up, he looked a bit startled and ran behind the sofa. It seemed to me as though he'd forgotten he was somewhere new and had expected to have his old family there. Poor little guy! He's having a nice time though. While he were having our supper he fell asleep beside my chair. When he woke up that time, he stretched to me and came up on my lap, where he is now. You can probably tell I'm besotted with the little chap. It's such a privilege to have hime here with us.

The main blip is him playing with his ball in Marian's knitting bag.

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