Sitting by the pond

Another busy day, but a nicely calm one - despite three meetings throughout the day.  Joined another team's meeting this morning, then had one with a couple of my team-mates, then one this afternoon with my colleague for our weekly catch up.  Managed to get quite a lot of work done around all those, too.

Sat outside at lunch again - absolutely perfect weather for it.  Not too hot in the dappled shade where I was sitting, but lovely and sunny and still.  I called my Mum for a quick chat after work, then cooked up a massive veggie chilli for dinner (and many more dinners to come) - and then headed out for my evening walk.  

The light was lovely, and I took many photos, but this one has to be the winner, I think - I had circled round the pond and was nearly back to where I'd started when I noticed mummy goose on the bench, watching her babies march by :)  I'm really not sure the woman even noticed; she seemed pretty engrossed in her book.

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