By dogwithnobrain

If I should Smile .. with sweet surprise

How?  When?    I don't understand? 

I have adults...  How could I be the parent of adults.  Not one but two? 

Tooli celebrated her birthday tonight and despite her da and I working all day we have had a lovely evening, along with Gran at a local dning spot.  

Perched on a hill outside our wee town, there are views up the coast, north to Largs and beyond, and south to Dunure. 

Despite rain and low cloud all day, the sun came out for Toolibelle.   We sat in glorious sunshine in the conservatory, clear views all around up and down.  

We ate til we could squish any more food in; and now we lay comatose on the sofa, waiting for the food to move far enough down that we can lay down comfortably.

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Gal.  You are a delight to be around.

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