Looks Good To Me

By Pilipo

Guess What?

Hamish here again.

Phil said I’m a special Westie because I’m not 100% Scottish. I’m a WestieX —it says so on my adoption papers — but he could tell as soon as he saw me, because my body is longer than a regular Westie. He jokes that I’m a stretch Westie, like a stretch limo. I don’t think that’s very funny.

Phil thinks one of my parents might be a Corgi, and he likes that because he’s Welsh, too. I hope nobody tries to invent a name for dogs like me, such as Worgi, or Corstie! I probably shouldn’t be putting ideas in people’s heads!

After I made it clear that my crate was too small (don’t ask), Phil ordered a bigger one. We had to wait several days for it to be delivered. He struggled a long time to assemble it, but realized it had been damaged in shipping, so he returned it. The replacement arrived today and it went together quite easily. I like it a lot better. You can see me checking it in the extra.

We’ve been working on training the last few days. Phil’s learning quite well, but he is rather stubborn at times. I wonder if all Welshmen are like that.

Bye for now — time to enjoy my new crate.

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