By Ridgeback13

Out and about

Brighter day. Started in the hot tub with lots of chat and post mortems about yesterday, then K&O packed up and left and A took AR on a bike ride together. Once they were all sorted with a picnic Mt&H took the kids to Dimmingsdale for a walk. We all met up at the Peak Wildlife Park later in the afternoon and had a great time with all the animals -feeding the deer (extra) and sitting playing with the lemurs, and loved the bouncy castle where they both bounced themselves til they were flushed and exhausted. First time Mx has really got the hang of walking and bouncing on one. By that time it was getting very warm....finally!
Home and we let them toast marshmallows over a fire (extra) which was great fun ....AR explaining to Mx just how he needed to do it as if she was an expert (having done it once before at the Chinese lanterns at Edinburgh Zoo!).
A&N took the call from their wedding venue following the latest Scottish government COVID briefing today....finally the guy is acknowledging it can’t go ahead with more than 16 guests on the date they’d chosen, so whilst he’s offering future dates they’ll be writing to him tomorrow to say they want a refund instead. They were both a bit upset...a bit overcome by the realisation it’s finally off, and the end of all the suspense and uncertainty.
We made a big leftovers supper and then played one last UNO tournament with lots of laughs.
It’s been a good week...lots of fun, relaxation and time to be together as well as get moments of peace. Tired and we have to leave early in the morning so had an early night....should have packed but couldn’t be bothered!

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