By Ridgeback13


Always prefer to leave a holiday house in rain, but we had to pack up on a gorgeous warm sunny morning today. I hadn’t slept well, waking several times (probably worried we’d sleep in!), but we were very efficient sharing out the leftover food and packing the cars. Mt&H’s car seemed to be fuller than when they arrived....packed to the gunnels but perhaps less neatly than on the way up!...with a bike between the car seats, which didn’t look ideal.
Said goodbye to A&N then we headed off to Carsington reservoir for a cycle/walk round. Mx very moany and nothing was right for him, so although he’s getting really good on his scooter he just whined the whole time... very irritating! We came across this carving of a wizard and his dragon and they were both entranced to see the photo where by wizard magic a rainbow had appeared around them both!
Headed back to the shade for a drink and then they cheered up a lot throwing stones in the lake.....loved it!
We stopped at Sa’s house for lunch and to cool down....and kids very happily exploring the garden and feeding the fish (extra) before they headed off to Matlock Bath to go on the cable cars and down the caves. I stayed to chat to Sa and dealt with a couple of work issues that had to be signed off urgently, then stocked up with cold drinks etc and hit the road.
A surprise to have a lot of traffic after weeks of few cars on the road, but arrived with time to put some washing on and open all the mail etc before bed. Very strange to be home...feels very different and unfamiliar which isn’t surprising but I think it will take me a while to readjust (both physically and psychologically).
T&Kt have got an allotment....just as he’s been told he’s going to be back at work soon, but I’m wondering if the club opening will get put back given UK government announcements today about slowing down on the relaxing of lockdown.

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