Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Mixing work and pleasure

afternoon trip north
an appointment with eric
photo show visit

I had an appointment with Eric, the art director at Galerie L'Imagerie, to talk about my upcoming (but no date yet) exhibition in Trestel.

The bad news he had turned out to be a show of confidence for me: they didn't get the whole budget they'd required (just a third of it, actually), which means they can't put up all the shows they had meant to in the coming "season" (2020-2021)... but they'll choose mine over the others. :-)

Also, Eric (pictured left in the first extra; on the right is Corentin, one of the volunteers in the Galerie, manning the front desk) gave me a few tips about people to contact to publish a book.

Of course I couldn't be at the gallery and not visit the current exhibition, among which one particular artist - Aurélie Scouarnec -  caught my eye. Part of her exhibited work is my main photo, the other two extras are details of this. I loved how she uses light, and her subjects, too.

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