a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Alphabet Soup

First Saturday, Silly Saturday.: I C A B on A P and the B Cs Me

Can U C the B on the P2?

Surprisingly difficult to capture a bee on a sweet pea flower.  The plants are a tangle of foliage and the bees seem to take great delight in visiting the flowers that are furthest away from the photographer, and (it goes without saying) those blooms that are facing away from the photographer, so that the bee remains hidden as much as possible.  But with time and patience I managed to get this one, eventually.  

I popped into Bath this morning as the local supermarket and post office seem to have run out of decent birthday cards and we have a "slew" of them coming up.  I believe that "slew" is the correct collective noun for birthdays, although an "expense" would work if you were going to have to buy presents for everyone, or a "celebration" if we were in pre-coronavirus times.  

While Bath wasn't as busy as it would normally be at this time of year, I still found it uncomfortably full of people.  I don't consider myself a particularly anxious person, but I now find that busy places (they don't have to be crowded) make me nervous.  I don't think I shall bother visiting again at a weekend if I can avoid it for the time being.

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