By SadlerStar

Gull leads the way

This afternoon we watched the juniors racing just outside the harbour. They had a good wind and were enjoying a cracking sail. I rather liked this one with the Gull leading the way.

In other news, the female Turkey which had been named Dumbledore by the child that found her wandering the streets and then came to live at the Accidental Zoo last year appeared out of the hedgerow with a band of turkey babies. (called poults) We knew she was missing and had wondered where she had got to. She has always been an escape artist but we know she always returns when hungry. She is now in the nursery pen to protect her brood from predators.

Last but not least, the fifth tortoise egg hatched, one week later than the others and so now we have five! the four have grown in the week, he or she is a tiny bit smaller.

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