All part of the story

By Treshnish

Broad leaved helleborine

I think I have a new favourite.  We have been watching this grow for months, wondering if it would fall victim to the mouth parts of a slug or the sharp teeth of a discerning rabbit, but here it is - flowering perfectly, slowly unfurling its beauty.  I added some extras as I couldn't choose which to blip. 

There are 15 orchids that grow here. So far this year I have seen these: 
Early purple 
Northern marsh
Small white
Greater butterfly 
Common spotted
Heath spotted
Common twayblade
Lesser twayblade
Narrow leaved helleborine 
Broad leaved helleborine
Birds nest 

I missed the Early marsh orchid (14) and still have to look for the tiny Bog orchid (15).

In other news - our first day fogging.  As soon as the guests left, we went in to remove their bedding and 'fog' the whole cottage before cleaning.  Then S went back after the cleaning was finished and fogged again!  

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