By random_angel


Here we are once more and welcome to audiences from all over the world. 

Today you join us as the sparrow Hedge Hopping quarter finals begin.

We are now down to eight birds and the competition is tense. 

As you see Percy Pigeon is in the adjudicator's seat and is keeping his usual beady eye on proceedings. 

Oh no, what's this? As I speak we have a disqualification... it seems that two of the birds have been withdrawn from the tournament for flitting into the opposition's hedge! 

I don't believe it! This is unprecedented. 

I have never, in all my time as an International Judge, witnessed this kind of admonishment in Hedge Hopping. 

I am getting messages in my earpiece that Percy Pigeon MAY have overstrutted the mark this time. He doesn't appear to be at all flapped...

We will see.... 

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