Foxy-gal (or boy)

Nice day. Breeze. Warm. Sunny. Around 20C.

Mr B suggested Westbourne. We usually bus, or at least bus one way. Now it’s either drive or walk.

We walked via the back streets, avoiding the trippers. We’ve got it down to a fine art.

Top flat white at Coffee Saloon. 10/10. Never go wrong there. One way in/out. Perspex screened. We sat alone on the outside terrace, and then headed home. Close to 7km. Not that far for Mr B, but in the sun - and especially the hilly ups and downs on the way - I do need to recharge in the shade occasionally.

This absolutely divine doggie had been parked with the assistant who was cleaning and handing out trollies at M&S. Funny rarely see wire fox terriers. I wonder why?

Made more vegan (with rosemary and chilli) shortbread biscuits. Less sugar this time. Can’t wait to try one in a mo ....

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