By hpx

One of his 9 lives

Up until last evening it appeared that Jasper wasn't going to win this battle. A switch flicked, he started eating and now he's on the mend.

He's a skinny, elderly looking 2.5 year old cat. I'm stunned by the turn around.

Yesterday I struggled to get him to eat anything. I coaxed him to eat small bits of fresh fish and meat. Then after laying in my lap for hours, he suddenly got up and went to his food bowl, ate a bit more without me coaxing him and that was the turning point.

He's starting to become frustrated with being inside and he's found his voice again. Both are good signs. He'll be inside for the rest of the week. Jasper needs to be fully well and robust before he encounters his mate Shadow.

Hopefully there is nothing else going on and this is a one-off that he'll fully recover from.

Thank you for caring.

Today's gratitude: For a miracle.

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