By JaanaE

The Quiet People

This is an art installation built on a field in Suomussalmi, Finland.

It's called The Quiet People, and it's built in 1988. I've visited this site a few times, but every time is just as impressive as the first.

The artist(s) changes the clothes on these "people" when the old clothes turns into unusable rags, so basically the installation is renewed every now and then, say, maybe every five years or so?

Anyway, the installation is very intriguing in many ways, as you can ponder the very meaning of it; you can contemplate the views they represent, you can imagine the stories and/or personalities behind the characters the artists have intentionally built - or you can just simply amuse yourself marvelling these peculiar scarecrows and their funny and whimsical outfits. :))

I personally prefer the more thoughtful interpretation, I just love to make up stories and personalities and backgrounds for these eccentric characters. <3

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