Down by the waterside

In fact, down by the sea on the seaward side of Härnön. This is next to the little jetty where the pilot boat used to put out to sea, to guide visiting ships into harbour, round the corner to the left. It's a very cliffy and steep and rugged rocky place that we love to visit. So many different ways to make tracks, a lighthouse to walk out to, pebble beaches to peruse and so much variety depending on the time of year. We watched the terns diving for fish, and in the extra you can see one end of a net, where humans were on the same hunt. The birds mobbed each other for the tiny bit of silver in one terns mouth, using far more energy than doing some fishing of their own.

The ladies lay down on the warm rocks and chilled out so completely, it was lovely to see but I get bit a bored after a while. So I clambered about and took a photo of them from a way off, you can see that in the extras. Their need for relaxation is endless. We had already been out for lunch/breakfast with Rose in attendance, which was lovely! And left the little car at the menders where the mechanic thought both rear brake discs and blocks needed replacing, and possibly the yoke (if my translation is right). Ready on Thursday if all goes to plan, double the price if the yoke is replaced too.  And we had already visited the second hand shop and bought two carbon tennis rackets for Caroline and Grace to use. Bötsle has an actual proper tennis court of its own, but up to now we have had no rackets, or inclination. Now, at least we have rackets...

By the time everyone had chilled sufficiently it was around 7, and we are now home and once again hungry. I'm blipping because the Bryant siblings (they of the curly hair) are cooking together in the kitchen, so I have some quiet time for this - wonderful. I spent an hour this morning reading blips and commenting a little, I miss you all when there is no time! I have got used to blipping with a lot of other activity around me, something Keith is amazed at as he is unable to write anything if he isn't completely in the blip zone. Everyone is well, everyone is happy in our little family group, and I wish you the same peace wherever you are.

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