All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

The fog that swirled around all day

Such a strange day of fogginess it has been. First it was sitting over the beach, blotting out everything but the mountaintops; then it moved further out into the bay, and then it was back again; sometimes it was all around, and at others it was below us. I don't think I can remember a day when it has never burnt off – it was still there, wrapping the setting sun in a gauzy veil, at 5.30pm. And it was cold and dank, even when the sun was able to shine through it. At one point I was out in the garden (the magnolia has started flowering!) and the light reminded me of Bahrain – sunshine through haze, much softer than the typical Kiwi sunshine. More foggy pics here.
I had another go at trying to get someone to come and fix the sagging door in the glass shower cabinet that was installed in the renovated bathroom a couple of years ago. I did get through to the plumber on the third ring, but this time he said it wasn't really his bag, and offered to text me the number of someone who specializes in such installations "but good luck getting him, we're all so busy at the moment!" he said. I did get hold of him, but the chap told me that yes, he could do it, though it would cost me and surely I should call the builder, as the shower would still be under warranty? 
To my amazement, I also managed to raise Simon the builder. He said he was working on a job nearby and would call in 'in about an hour,' which could have been 11am. At that stage, I was expecting the fog to burn off by lunchtime and thought I'd go out to Rabbit Island in the afternoon. By one thirty there was still no sign of him, and the fog was having a further-out-in-the-bay phase, so I considered going out anyway and leaving a key for him. But shortly afterwards, he arrived, and within 10 minutes had sorted the problem (tightening of screws).
Now the fog was back, and I realised that I hadn't actually been able to see Rabbit Island all day, anyway. Maybe I wouldn't go, after all, as it would probably be rather bleak and Brontë-ish out there. So I didn't, and it turned into a stay-at-home, and catch-up-on-blip day. In the evening, Younger Daughter sent through a series of pics after her screen printing class – she's done some excellent prints, including onto a bag; nice!
We continue to have around five new cases of CoVid per week, all picked up in managed isolation at the border (ie people who have recently flown in from other countries). Someone who arrived in Korea last week, having travelled from NZ, tested positive for the virus so now everyone in Queenstown, where the person had visited, is being asked to get tested. There's still no evidence of community transmission in the country, but the media keeps wagging a big, fat finger at us and warning, "New Zealand Could End Up Like Melbourne!" (which has just gone into full lockdown again). I'm beginning to feel a little like I did in my boarding school days….
The Duracell Bunny is hoping to come here for Christmas, to stay for three months. But just getting here - and away again - is not without its challenges (viz what freespiral and himself are going through to get back to Ireland). I think he needs to try and start organizing this now – Christmas is actually only four months away and flights seem to be few and far between, subject to change without notice and exorbitant fares. My neighbour texted me over the weekend from Hong Kong; she's bitten the bullet and gone to visit her very elderly parents in the UK, but her Tuesday flight was rescheduled…. I do hope she's reached Blighty by now. She said the fare was about double what she would normally have expected to pay in The Beforetimes. 
There was a news story this evening about a fishing vessel that has just docked in the port of Timaru having been to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia to retrieve a NZ trawler crew that had been working out there (normally they'd fly home). Also hitching a ride with them was a Kiwi couple who had found themselves stuck in the Falkland Islands after their honeymoon there, unable to get back due to the virus. That'll have been a honeymoon cruise to remember!

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