Tea with added Krust

By KrusTea

My new Series.

Last year I started to take pictures of the one plot of garden which is the flower bed really. My friend and I had been talking about gardening and how she was having great trouble in getting herself motivated to do any thing about the state of her place.

I had had some energy and started doing something about this plot. It became a bit of a habit that I take a picture of how it was doing that week - and it was quite fun to watch how if developed through the year. SO while there's nothing much there, I thought I'd start with my lights. Solar powered. In this season, they light for about an hour then fade! I'm looking forward to spring and more sunlight!!!

So my plan is to keep a record of this bit down the side of the fence. I may get fed up of this in about 10 minutes because it means that I'll need to keep on top of weeds!! But we'll see ;-)

Enjoy the Friday Feeling, blippers :-)

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