David J. Rose

By djrose007

And the next project is.......

Marlane has been on the hunt again. We have that little swing for the children but too many want to go on it at the same time. Marlane found a large swing, a very large swing, and it was free. All I had to do was go to the address and dismantle it.
Obviously, it has been in their garden for goodness knows how many years, all the nuts and bolts were very rusted. Luckily I took my can of WD40, spanners and trusty Mole Grips which are great for so many jobs.
Managed to get it all apart, it was in quite a state, but got it home.
Once it was cleaned up I attached the 'Wire Brush' attachment to my drill and got all of the loose paint and rust off, treated the rusted areas with 'Kurust', which turns rust into solid metal again, and smoothed it off. I have only spray painted the bottom of the legs, about 2 feet up from the ground, and the two elbow ends on the top (sprayed them silver).
It all went back together easily and now I just have to sort the seats out (the white things on the little table between the seats, they've been cleaned and sprayed with white primer).
In the morning I'll go to the nearby 'Tool Station' where they sell suitable rope. The seats will be spray painted, maybe blue but not decided yet.
Another job (almost) done.

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