By AnneILM60

Just in time!

I hadn't thought about my blip all day.  I was messaging on and off with my Mum all morning and exchanging information on beads (our favourite topic of conversation these days).

As soon as the post office opened after lunch, I was there with a box that I was sending to my Mum that contained several items I've collected for her over the last few weeks and some beads that she is needing for projects she is doing.

Once back from the post office, I put my garden flags back out along with my pot lighthouse, milk jug flowers and a couple of other things.  

It was then time for the weekly MS leaders  conference call and while I was listening to that I got my bead weaving out and got totally lost in it.  

Kent then beckons me without saying anything and points out the glass doors to a hummingbird resting on the fence.  Just as he hands me my camera, the hummer flies off.  Of course!!  

But she was just flying to the feeder at the circular garden.  Although a good distance away I did manage a reasonable shot.  Thanks Ms Hummer.

Stay home if you can but stay safe and stay healthy for sure. xx

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