By Hanulli

Alternative Olympic Games Day 6

Today Bella, the carpenter bee visited the Buddleja stadion.
She is famous, because she won a lot of titles in the categorie wood work.
She won three gold medals at the last AOGs. Now she has retired, but she loves the atmosphere at the games.
She also visited the "Speed pollen collection competition" at the field thistle. I added a collage in the extra.
The competition was open for all kinds of insects.
One of the biggest participant was Jack, from Team Hedgehog Fly He had the direct contest against Thea from Team Groove Bees. While Jack was more interested in eating pollen than in collecting it, Thea was astonishing  quick and will surely get a medal.
Shelly from Team Wall Bees was very nervous. She had Fred from Team Yellow-Black Stings as opponent. His result was disappointing. Perhaps he shouldn't have attacked the reporter...
 It is fabulous to watch the different techniques of collecting and  I'm curious about the finals.

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