One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Not quite. At that stage we were still about 1.5 hour away from our destination. 
I may have been a touch overenthusiastic in describing my walk up the hills and down the millennia yesterday, to a land forgotten by time, unsoiled by the presence of man* 
This may have struck a chord with Mrs Raheny who expressed a desire to see this wondrous valley for herself. As I was feeling able for the walk for a second day in a row, I offered to take her there today.
But as we trudged up the hills, and slowly squelched our way up and almost lost wellies to voracious bogland, a dark doubt assailed me. What if, after the 2.5 hour walk up to Jurrassic Valley, her only reaction was one of disappointment mixed with disbelief? A loud, echoey “is that f****** it?!?” What if she demanded to take a funicular/jet-ski/segway/delta wing/miniature train back to the resort?
But I shouldn't have doubted her, or the magic of the valley where only the neolithic sheep roam. She took in the scene: a wide open landscape with no sign of civilisation (neither I nor the sheep qualified as such), a land virtually left alone by man*, a place as far removed from Benidorm as time and space allow.
We ate our gourmet sandwiches while drinking in the view. We marveled at the peace and silence emanating from a valley devoid of bickering children. We sucked in the energy of the place.

We'd need it.

There was still a 2.5 hour walk between us and our fossil-fueled mode of locomation to take us back to Nana Resort...

*(and woman, and transgender people, and Homo Sapienses of all sexual orientations and tendencies, one can never be too careful these days) 

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