An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lockdown locks...

The Before.

With perfect, unplanned timing, David managed to get Alan an appointment with Heather to have his hair cut today, on a day Ally, one of the agency support workers we've not seen since lockdown started, was back on duty and able to take him.   This delighted Alan, not only because Ally is back but because Ally is who he normally chooses to take him for a hair cut so it couldn't have worked out better. 

Ally says he was happy to see Heather and sat beautifully as she cut his hair, but got a little wriggly when she trimmed the back of his neck as it was tickly.

Heather has cut it extra short, just incase we end up in lockdown again.  What a difference although you will have to take my word for it as he refused to let me take a photo.  Posing once in a day is enough apparently.  He's promised I can take a shot of the new him tomorrow :-))

So, while the southerners bask in a heatwave, it's been dull and cloudy here and not it's raining.  I am hoping we might see some sunshine tomorrow or Sunday!   Can't believe the reports from England's beaches again.  Crowd's and crowds of covidiots cramming onto beaches.  What is wrong with these people?!  

That said, if we get some decent sunshine over the weekend I am sure the Scottish covidiots will be out in force too.  Utter madness.

Have a great weekend peeps.  Stay safe! 

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