Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Herbaceous border

At the Botanics where I met up with E who showed me round the areas of garden she works in and we also had a picnic of brownies that I'd brought. She's been working hard during lockdown without any help until recently. None of the groups or volunteers is allowed to come in yet, although the gardens are open to the public - the logic of that is a bit odd (but then there's a lot of that about at the moment). The herbaceous border is still going strong and it's a beautiful part of the garden at this time of year. The beech hedge shows it off well and also provides shelter.

There was a family - or possibly more than one - of sparrowhawks who were flying around and squarking. It seems to be a sparrowhawk summer for me as I've also been hearing them from my flat. I hope that means they are doing well as a species. Here's more about sparrowhawks.

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