All part of the story

By Treshnish

Seedheads at sunset

A mixture of a day. 

Cottages preparation in the morning, showers of heavy rain.
Hanging photographs in the afternoon, sunshine breaking through.
Early evening dog walk, beautiful late in the day light.
Later in the evening, golden hour light on seedheads. 

I was hanging photographs (of tin sheds) in my neighbour's gallery. She is a ceramicist and has built a gallery in her garden.  It is made of tin, and called the Tin Shed Gallery.  She will exhibit her ceramics and have different art work on the walls every few months.  It has been a long time coming, delayed by the lockdown but it is looking good, and will be open soon. 

Guests arrived for Shian Cottage, they haven't stayed with us before.  Delighted to be out of their tent and under a dry roof.  It is always good when the universe provides a good sunset for new guests' first night.

S has been out on the hill, bracken bashing.  This is different from cutting.  Rather than using a mower, he pulls a heavy roller behind the quad bike.  This smashes the bracken flat and weakens the plant almost more successfully than cutting it.   Today he was below the Sitheans, on steep slopes leading down to the Ensay Burn, near where we found the tiny Lesser twayblade.  

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