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Working at it ...

An irritable day. I suspect that's an example of a transferred epithet - I love the terms in old-fashioned grammar, as opposed to modern ones that I've never heard of, like "clitic pronouns": how did I ever do a degree in English without knowing that expression? But to the irritability: I find I can get to the end of breakfast until the futility of my present existence bears in on me again and I erupt. 

At least we had some purpose to our morning, involving our builder and the church roof (remember the leaks on Tuesday?). Over the years, for a variety of reasons to do with The Diocese (capitals ironically meant) some truly awful building work has been carried out on the roof, but we use a local family firm who do marvellous work and he came up to assess the situation with me and Mr PB this morning. Watch this space ...

Other than that, it was a drag to get out again later, and seemed even more of a drag when we were about five minutes into our walk in Benmore Gardens when the rain came on with a vengeance that had not been suggested by the weather app. So we lurked under a large, dense tree for a good fifteen minutes listening to the sounds of the torrent and watching the odd red squirrel dash for cover over the sodden grass. Eventually it eased and we emerged, though I managed to get wet through (I was rashly experimenting with an old cagoule) before the weather began to change.

I'm blipping the trees round the Benmore pond because of the wonderful contrast of the bright green little tree in the foreground and the beginning of autumn colouring in the bigger one beyond. It seems to me a bit symbolic of ... now. However, I came home cheerier than I'd gone out. I had a long phone call from our tenor, who doesn't live near enough for visits just now, and Mr PB had made curry for dinner.

Now there's an amazing moon rising over the Firth of Clyde, leaving a path of light on the water. I'm no good at photographing the moon, though I'm tempted to put one of my efforts as an extra. I think I need a tripod ...

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