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By TerriG

How to Move a Bridge

The Sellwood Bridge, one of many bridges across the Willamette River connecting east and west Portland, was partially condemned a few years ago when it received a dismal rating on a federal bridge-safety scale (2 out of 100). Heavy trucks and city buses were banned from using the bridge and plans were put in place to replace it.

The replacement span is being constructed right beside the existing bridge. One of the recent steps was to move the entire structure over 33 feet (10 meters) on one end and 66 (20 meters) on the other, and place it on temporary supports while the old supports are demolished and replaced.

The bridge move took about 12 hours and was captured in a time-lapse video here.

More of my photos are here, including one of a (now vacant) condo unit that sits directly under the relocated span.

Read more about the bridge move here.

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