A dip in the river

My walk today was nice. This person and her dog were enjoying the cool waters of the Potomac.

I had my telephoto lens with me today, which people notice and want to talk about. I had three people get too close to discuss what photos I take. They weren't wearing masks. I was, but I still am ultra paranoid now.

When I got to work, we had an announcement that our former co-worker Steve had died of complications from COVID-19. I never met him since we all work remotely, and we seldom interacted. But he was a good editor and friendly. He retired in October. In April, he was diagnosed with the virus and was hospitalized. He eventually was sent home and tested negative, but the damage to his lungs was too severe. About two months ago he was given a month or two to live.

Take this virus seriously. People are dying.

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