Last full holiday day

We hung around in the heat of the homestead, lounging, gardening, looking at art work, doing yoga in the grass and so on. Fabulous summer weather makes all the difference! We had a bite to eat and then headed off in search of swimming that was easy to get into for Grace, who has balance issues. We ended up at Starred, which is on Gussjö as far as I know. It's a very friendly and pleasant place to sit, to have a barbecue, to stay overnight with your tent or van, and of course to swim and lounge about working on your tan.

As we approached the grassy area at the edge of the car park there was this wooden construction. It says book box, instead of bird box. The bird is peeping out of what would be the front door if it was a bird box. Inside there were a variety of library books for children, youngsters and adults. You can borrow them and give them back here, or at the library in town. The selection is changed a few times in the year. What a lovely idea!

The water was warm and the bottom is sandy and quickly gets deep enough to be out of your depth, a really peaceful place to spend time. Although we had a few incidents with persistent ducks, wandering about pecking things in a hopeful way. They were so unworried by humans, and I had to explain in a kind way that my toes were not up for grabs. They freaked Grace out and she felt pursued, like they were invading her personal space... Of course, it's us that are in theirs... The yelps of panic were a bit of a sad way to exit the beach area!

Had a very nice chat to a bloke we didn't know but half recognised, he's spoken to Keith when we were canvassing on the square before the general election. Then a fellow board member strolled up from the water and I had to say "Technichus board" so she could work out who I was with fewer clothes on. Nice to have lived here long enough for these incidental meetings to happen, even when we are out and about and quite a way from home.

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