Hot rain

Today was promised to be hotter than yesterday. And yesterday was the warmest day of the summer,  but all that seems to be moved till tomorrow.
Instead we had rain in the afternoon, and real thunder. Luckily the main part of it was passing south of us, we had on and off showers all afternoon and evening.

There was a garden concert this weekend, as there will be the following three Sundays. Artist of today was Lamine Cissokho, a "Kora" player whose origin is in Senegal but has been living in Sweden for many years working as a teacher but mainly as a musician. He belongs to a group of "Griots",  Storytellers, or as some say: the personified African library. His ancestors have all been Griots through generations and his knowledge has been passed down by father to son or mother to daughter. His instrument, the Kora, is an African harp with a body of a big gourd with 22 strings attached, played with the forefinger and thumb of both hands. He plays instrumental traditional or his own compositions and sings mostly traditional songs.

His concert created a fantastic atmosphere. Half way through there was a small shower but everyone stayed at their places in the garden, keeping distance. A bit later there was another shower, bigger and longer this time and most of the audience moved into the space with a roof where the stage is, without keeping distance but being careful. Every one was moved by the atmosphere created by the rain and the exotic music, and perhaps because of sitting closer to each other. I was asked to play along on my guitar as well which was very special for me. I've met him many times before but we never played together. I hope we will find reasons to do it again before long. You can listen to his music on Spotify or Youtube if you're interested.

The extra is quite a nice rain-picture I thought. Taken just before I went to the garden to set up the stage. 

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