By Artyfartyannie

Bobbles and Bokeh

Another garden scene I’m afraid...... got a job to do and going to get on with it in the fabulous weather. We both worked again in the garden but not very hard. ..... from 11am till 7 pm so on the move and trying to figure things out.

Still doing the 800 diet only I did slip up with 120 calories of red wine within the 800. Oh for goodness sake it is Saturday and I have worked very hard.

Anyway I don’t have the energy to write an essay on any subject so it’s off to bed ..... quite early for once..... to finish the very interesting lecture on sleep !!!! How appropriate. Just a couple of tips from the lecture. Get some early morning light from outside before 9 am for at least 10 minutes and as little as possible after dark...... to do all sorts of wonderful things for your body.

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