Light shines on?

Bacon rolls with S before dropping her at the station then set off to make the most of an absolutely beautiful day of sunshine and warmth (not the baking heat they’re having down south). I headed to the Meadows where I sat on a bench and enjoyed a couple of hours drinking coffee and reading more of Wolf Hall. Definitely need extended reading stretches to get into it each time...not something I can just pick up and put down (and a downside of kindle reading is I can’t keep flicking to the initial pages with cast of characters etc). Still, nice to just sink into it in such a beautiful environment. Not busy, but occasional murmurs and laughter from nearby or passing people and not a cloud in the sky.
Headed back home when I’d started to get fidgety and settled myself in time for AGM of the international festival....interesting to remind ourselves of last year’s programme and hear what’s planned this year despite everything.
Worked on some accounts and other domestic stuff as well as doing laundry until the evening when I caught up on Greys Anatomy again....I’m almost up to current will always remind me of lockdown.
Watched the Festivals ‘launch’ film then at 10.30 went out to see the lights across the sky and lit up venues Decided just to nip to Queen’s Hall but very difficult to see the beamed lights from there as the streets were too bright (you can just about make out the blue beams going up from the hall). Would have been nice to see the city from Arthur’s Seat or similar but I’m not going up there at midnight! Brought a bit of a lump to my throat as I thought about previous years’ opening nights...what a different August this year
It’s been a strange melancholic sort of day. First one on my own for more than a month. Need to set up/get back into some sort of routine again and remember how I do this

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