Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Pippi in the jungle

Here is Pippi in T's garden where we sat in the sun having a picnic and afterwards we just sat in the sun. Pippi is very agile and loves jumping up onto walls and fences and she's good at getting down too. Bosun, Pippi's companion, also likes being outdoors and is pretty good at getting about but just isn't quite as sprightly as Pippi.

I've now checked and I can see that I've blipped Pippi twice and Bosun not at all. That's something that I will need to remedy. They were both adopted as adults and have gradually mellowed although Bosun seems to have an anxiety around food - perhaps he never knew where, what or when his next meal was going to be. Pippi started to sit on T's lap after two years.

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