Hoverfly photobombed

To my utter delight a late poppy has opened in the flowerbed today. As I bent over and held the flower steady to capture it a hoverfly decided  to take a dive for it in between the flower and me and my camera. I just love the delicate and crinkly texture of the poppy petals.

Thanks so much for all the Abstract Thursday entries last week ! This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'weather' (we're having a heatwave over here, which apparently will stay at least until Thursday) and the tag will be AT268.

Here's the list of last week's specials:
dollydoug           napkin ring abstract
FotoPlay            faces talking
Technophobe   natural flowery abstract
AH14inbw         web and drops magic
OldTimer           zoomburst hellebores

Thanks so much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's grapes and thirsty rudbeckias.

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