Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Parsley growing in the gap between two paving slabs. As said in a 2011 Blip, I put a plant out in the garden years ago, and then forgot about it. It went to seed in its second year (it is a biennial), and thereafter it appears in all sorts of unlikely places, such as above, irrespective of how much soil there is there.

My parents tried numerous times, unsuccessfully, to grow it from seed. Leave it to it, and Nature knows how. Suspect that it may need to be subjected to some cold and frosty weather before it will germinate. So perhaps sticking the seeds in a freezer for a while before planting them, may help.

When I stayed East of Inverness, in the 1990's, I planted Sweet Cicely in a pot... not being aware that it was plentiful about the roadside verges of the area. It didn't germinate, and I just left it out there. A whole year later, and after a cold Winter, it finally did appear, and once transferred to the desired location flourished for all the remaining years I lived there. So perhaps another one to consider putting the seeds in a freezer for, say, a few weeks  before thawing and planting.

Should transfer that Parsley to a spot where it will flourish, and give a better crop.

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