David J. Rose

By djrose007

Car Seat Covers

Over the years I have worn a hole in the drivers leather seat of my car. Looked around for some decent seat covers, I've tried cheap ones in the past and they just are not worth it. 
Found a company on E-Bay that makes them for specific cars, even specific models. Cost slightly over £100 but they do look very good with panels of faux leather and a sort of suede material rather like Alacantara but much cheaper!

The only problem I have with covers is getting them tight enough, cheap or expensive they use elastic loops which hook to the underside of the seat. Not so bad in normal cars but on the MX-5 there is little room underneath and none to the inside side of the seat (if that makes sense!).

I put them on a few days ago but today decided I need to sort out the hooky bits so found the right size socket and managed to get most of the nuts undone (only 4 per seat) despite them being very tight. Two of them were VERY tight and I had to resort to a bit more leverage in the shape of my torque wrench bar (First photograph).
The second photo is the seat upended so I can get to the bottom.
Third is the underneath of the seat, you can see the wiring for the heated seat and airbag.
Fourth photo is both seats looking nice and tight.
Job done, again.
(P.S. it's a good opportunity to vacuum those parts that normal vacuums can't reach).

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