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By kendallishere

Color is not a crime

There is nothing I see in our world today, in our history, giving me hope that one day antiracists will win the fight, that one day the flag of antiracism will fly over a world of equity. What gives me hope is a simple truism. Once we lose hope, we are guaranteed to lose. But if we ignore the odds and fight to create an antiracist world, then we give humanity a chance to one day survive, a chance to live in communion, a chance to be forever free—Ibram X. Kendi, last paragraph of How To Be an Antiracist (2019).

Nothing much happened in the suburbs on Sunday night, not that I have heard. Either the Trump rally was cancelled or it was so small that nobody bothered about it. What did happen is that the protests against the police union building continued, and the Black woman leading the Moms was arrested. I wasn’t watching the Livestream when that happened, so I’m not sure about the circumstances. Apparently she is still in jail and many moms are standing outside, waiting for her, chanting and sobbing and demanding justice.

This little front-yard protest touches my heart. Some painted rocks. Some carefully-lettered cardboard signs on lollipop sticks. The words of Ibram Kendi say it for me. Whatever happens with the election, whatever happens as the coup progresses and the horrible shadow of fascism stretches across this country, it matters for the children not to give up hope.

(Sorry for the poor quality photo, grabbed a photo in the shade while I still had the settings for bright sun. But you get the idea.)

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