Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

The Perils of Online Shopping

When you want a couple tinned pears for dessert and end up with 2500g of them XD

Due to the warm weather I ended up staying up until 2am watching The Big Lebowski with Kie (I say with Kie, he nodded off towards the end) and as such managed to actually get a fairly good night's sleep. Of course, I'm still cream-crackered today because I had a dreadful night on Friday (don't ask). I've pretty much done nothing after washing up all of yesterday's glasses, except watch some movies and do some more cross stitching. I finally got to be the one exclaiming "You haven't seen this movie?!" as Rich admitted he's never seen Seven, so we watched that today, as well as Moonrise Kingdom on Kie's recommendation. Good stuff. Now cool down, weather, for Pete's sake...

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