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By TMLHereAndThere

The sun sets on NZ's 102-day streak

This spectacular sunset (we haven't had one like this for a while) saved me from having to blip rather an ordinary pic of the greengrocer's. 
I'd gone into town to pick up a book that I'd ordered, and found that I had an $8 credit at the store, plus a $19 balance remaining on my Christmas book token, so only one dollar to pay – it felt like a free book! Then I popped in to the greengrocer's to buy some sage and a chunk of squash, for my soup (cauliflower and squash with sage). As I took the photos, I noticed the fading chalk marks on the pavement from the 'Please queue 2m apart' social distancing days. "Thank goodness we don't have to do that any more," I thought to myself. Then I went home and chopped up my mountain of vegetables while this sunset developed.
But I thought too soon. The news reported that a rest home in Christchurch has gone into lockdown because several of the residents are suffering from sore throats and runny noses – a cold, in fact. I'm sure testing will reveal it to be nothing more sinister. However, at 9.45pm, as I was watching Vera, my phone sprang to life with messages from the girls and the Government's Emergency Alert alarm thing (which does give you a fright, as it takes a few seconds to work out what it is!) announcing that Auckland will go into Level 3 lockdown from midday tomorrow, and the rest of the country will go up a level from 1 (where we currently are) to 2.
Four people in one Auckland family have tested positive for CoVid, in the first known cases of community transmission for 102 days. They have no link to overseas travel, or quarantine facilities, so it's a mystery as to how they contracted the virus. The next few days will see a lot of frantic contact tracing, and testing. Apparently two of the people concerned have been going to work in two separate workplaces.
It's a bit of a blow, but I must say that I'm not entirely surprised, given the level of hype in the local news media over the past week or so, of the "The sky is falling! Stock up on masks! We're going to end up like Melbourne!" variety. I thought there was something fishy about that, considering that we had no community transmission, and I suspected that "They" knew more than they were letting on. 
For the first few weeks that the managed quarantine was going on at the border, some people were being allowed out after completing their 14 days without having been tested. When this came to light, a much more rigorous testing protocol was put in place, and after that around 5-7 positive cases were being identified at the border every week.  It made me wonder about all the people who had slipped out into the community before things were tightened up.
Here we go again….

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